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Brass Pro Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975 by president Yang. The company began as a manufacturer of angle stops. Under the leadership of president Yang and the 40 years of manufacturing experience we continued to grow and develop our current angle stops product line.

We concentrated in two major areas, research and development and energetically intensify our quality control system. The result is that mere cat emerged from being a small factory to become one of the leading manufacturers of angle stops in Taiwan and a recognized name worldwide.

In addition to ISO listing we believe we offer the most extensive product line available from any individual factory. We always follow the ideology of Devotion, Honor, Dedication and Harmony to improve product quality, serve our community, and maintain our goal for long lasting of our enterprise.

We are not only the leader of the angle stops industry in Taiwan, but earn the approval and confidence of customers in America, Canada and other markets of the world. This is because we never stop pursuing our goals of excellent manufacturing, strict quality control, and outstanding R&D which become a crucial point in ensuring that Mere cat Industrial maintains a competitive position in the world market.

QC/Technical Support
Our staff includes technicians and trade inspectors who are trained in quality inspections.
We offer in-house training to our staff.

QC Staf - 20 to 29

Materials/ Components
We use materials from Ukraine, South Africa, Canada, Taiwan, Chile and Zaire.

Procedures / Testing Details
Starting with material purchase, QC is imposed at each stage of production.
The finished products are inspected both before and after they are packed.



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.Quality Assurance


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Angle Valve Products

.Angle Stop
.Straight Stop
.1/4 Turn Ball Valves
.PEX Angle Stop
.Heavy Duty Angle Stop
.Heavy Duty Straight Stop

Brass Fitting Products

. Compression to male connector
. Compression to male elbow
. Compression to female elbow
. Elbow flare 45˚ union forged
. Flare 45˚ to male forged
. 90˚ Elboe female barstock
. Female tee barstock
. Flbow fpt to fpt 135˚ barstock
. Hex solid plug mpt
. Close nipple
. Hex nipple
. Street elbow male to female forged
. Street elbow male to female barstock
. Street tee barstock


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